Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Post-Sale Recovery: Putting Books Into Kids Hands Yields Good Results

Whew! Our Kids, Teens, and Educators Book Sale is over and what a great sale it was!  We sold thousands of books in just four days.  All books are donated, which means we can take all sale proceeds and put them into library programs and equipment.

A special kudos and thanks to our FRRL volunteers who worked so hard to set up and run the sale. We bagged up towering tomes for tiny tots and silly surprises for savvy seniors, and used their mad book ninja skills to help our patrons find just the right books. We never get tired of that feeling when someone says, "Do you have a copy of.....?" and we're able to reach right out and put it into their hands!    

Speaking of finding all the right books: One day during our sale, a young woman made her way through the Teen section. Gleefully identifying her favorite authors and enthusing over exciting new discoveries, she quickly came up with a pile of books to buy. Her (clearly awesome) mother supported this venture, encouraging what we may be biased to think of as the Right Kind of shopping spree.  One of our volunteers recognized this smart youth as a sweet little girl from past sales, one who had just as eagerly combed through middle grade books in the Kids section in previous years.  Here she was, articulate, smart, friendly, two feet taller and still a reader through and through - a useful skill that will stick with her for life.  

Every day we saw more evidence of this wonderful community centered around the library, turning out to support the sale, showing their enthusiasm for reading, and raising funds to help the library. We're proud and happy to watch the community growing and learning and to continue to be a part of it.
Just as we thrilled over the happiness of that bright young lady, we like to picture happy readers all around Reston this week, combing over their piles of goodies - turning pages in beautiful, clever, funny, scary, smart books, from Beverly Cleary to SAT prep to John Greene.   You found great books AND helped fund more library awesomeness!  Thank you!

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