Friday, July 25, 2008

Cats Pajamas, New Friend

As the final figures roll in, it turns out the Cats Pajamas sale was one of the most successful mini-sales we've run! Well over $1200 raised and several new friends and faces!

We enjoy doing these specialty mini-sales as they become necessary. That's why we're offering the VHS mini-sale on August 9. Come early to get the best selection. Some of these titles are still in shrink-wrap!

By the way, at the Cats Pajamas sale we met a new friend, photographer Darlene Strevey, who took the great photos above. She is a Restonian with a passion for photography, books and that wonderful place on Lawyers Road, Margaret's Gardens. If you've ever driven down Lawyers Road past the Fox Mill shopping center and towards West Ox Road, you've probably seen a profusion of gorgeous irises blowing in the breeze on your right. That's the place! Sadly, its future is in question now. Let your District Supervisor know how you feel about this place, and help it stay a part of the unspoiled landscape that is increasingly difficult to find! To see the garden website, go to The breathtaking photos were taken by Darlene.


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