Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Friends, some of us are still back in the technological Dark Ages, so VHS works just fine! In fact, my brother-in-law prefers them because of the ability to rewind and fast-forward precisely. This sale is just for him . . . and YOU!

We received a big donation of VHS tapes at the beginning of the summer. Many are still shrinkwrapped! The donation is so large that it is getting in the way of us being able to prepare for the Fall 2008 Semi-Annual sale. So they have to go!

That accrues to your benefit because the prices will be low! Best selection, of course, will be early in the day. So make it a point to stop by the Reston Regional Library on Saturday, August 9, to get a great deal on videos!

After this sale, Friends of Reston Regional Library, Inc., will no longer accept donations of single videos. We WILL still accept sets, and of course, other media (CD, DVD, Books on Tape).

See you there!


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