Saturday, August 2, 2008

Apollo, What's Cookin'

Does anyone remember the excitement of watching men step on the moon for the first time? I was a child and remember going to a neighbor's house because they had a 'good' TV. I'm sure when my children see that footage now they have all kinds of questions about why the picture resolution was so poor. Technology has marched on! But even with the poor picture quality, the momentous occasion had us holding our breath, and then cheering! It began a life-long fascination with space for many children of the 60's. This book, Apollo, captures every bit of the excitement and drama that the missions to the moon encompassed. At $32 on the Amazon site, it is the perfect holiday gift for a space enthusiast.

Who doesn't need new cookie recipes? As the weather starts to cool and the kids head back to school, it will be time to combine the ingredients to find the perfect after-school snack. This King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion is just the thing to experiment with. It's $18 on the website.

And finally, the French Recipe cookbook gives one great ideas for fall dinners. Step by step instructions help the most hapless among us impress our friends and family. It's only $14.

Why do we put books on our Amazon site instead of saving them for the Semi-Annual Used Book Sale?

We select the books for Amazon based on criteria that include the following:

  1. A book of high value in the re-sale market

  2. A book that might not get the exposure in a Semi-Annual Used book sale that will allow it to be sold

  3. A book that is so cool/unique/interesting/wow that we cannot imagine withholding it from the general public for sale. In other words, a niche book.

As an organization dedicated to raising funds to supplement our library and FCPL library programs, our fiduciary responsibility requires that as we identify donated books we must place them in the best 'market' for that book. For the loyal Friends who come to our on-site sales, don't worry! We save lots and lots of books for you. But the majority of you want to go home with numerous books for the $50 you spend at the book sale -- not just one really unique $50 book -- unless that unique one is JUST the one you've been looking for!

So, we encourage all of you to check our Amazon Reston Friends site regularly to see what's new. If you find something you want, and you are a current Friends member, we will meet you at the library to sell you the book, saving you the postage. Just e-mail us at


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