Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yesterday afternoon when things calmed down a bit at the sale, we did something we've never tried before. We're calling it the BIG FLIP.

We went through the main sales room and pulled anything that looked ratty or questionable in terms of sales. We replaced these books with fresh books from freshly opened boxes.

What had happened was at the end of the sale we were donating boxes to charity that we had never had the opportunity to open -- so we didn't know what kind of juicy sales items were in them. We decided that this time, we'd give our DEAR CUSTOMERS the option of seeing EVERYTHING we have available. The things that will go to charity will be things that you, our public, passed on purchasing.

So, even if you came Friday and think you found everything that appeals to you -- COME BACK TODAY! The room is fresh, the books are beautiful, and our friendly sales staff are here to serve you!


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