Sunday, September 28, 2008


Don't miss it today! It will be your last chance to visit our semi-annual book sale. And before you say, "Nah, everything is already picked over," rethink that! Because of the BIG FLIP (see below), we're still putting out fresh books! Today we'll make sure EVERY box of stored books gets opened and our great customers have a chance to see them! We'll be here to take your money from noon-3:30!

FAQ: What do you do with leftover books?
We donate them to pre-screened charities. If you work with a charity that would like to get on our donation list for a future sale, please send us an e-mail at

FAQ: Why don't you mark things down on Sunday? Other library book sales do!
Unlike most booksales, we are still putting out fresh, first quality used books on Sunday. Those that mark down often do so because they recognize that what is left by the last day of their sale is less marketable. We also have a mechanism for giving the left-over books a good second life through charity donations, so we have no need or pressure to mark them down.

FAQ: When and where can we donate books?
We will begin receiving donations again on Saturday, October 4. You may donate up to 2 boxes per household, per day. You can drop them in the donation box in the front of the library, or you can pull around to the back of the library and knock on the door or ring the bell.

FAQ: When is the next sale?
The Jigsaw Puzzle Mini Sale will be November 7-13.
The Holiday Mini Sale will be December 3-8.
The Mystery Mini Sale will be February 6-11, 2009.
The Spring 2009 Semi-Annual HUGE sale will be Spril 24-26. Friends night will be April 23.

The mini sales will all be held in the "New Books" area of the library. We will be happy to receive puzzle donations beginning October 4 as well.

More questions? E-mail us at

Thanks for all your great support for this sale!


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Deborah said...

hello! i just wanted to say I've been visiting this blog for the past few months since moving up here and I went to the book sale this weekend. It was awesome! You guys had so many good books and in brand new condition! I went on Friday and then again on Sunday and I still found a bunch of good ones. Looking forward to your next sale!!