Monday, September 29, 2008

Recycling to the World

How good do you feel when you think about people in less developed countries benefiting FREE from what, to our culture, are left-overs?

Good! Think about people in India who have no access to a library.  All books are treasures, but they are in the hands of rich people, or intellectuals.

Enter the local Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of Meerut East Library Trust and the Friends of Reston Regional Library (FRRL).  At the conclusion of each FRRL semi-annual used book sale, the local Rotarians pick up many boxes of left-over books and send them to India to a library in Saket, Meerut.  Starting with a library of 100 books in a tin shed, the library has grown to a permanent home and 80,000 books.   Think of the topics, the literacy, the planting of seeds for dreams of tomorrow in the minds of young readers...

Being a part of Friends of the Reston Regional Library is often fun, is almost always a joy, and is usually worth it.  But today, watching those boxes go to people who probably NEVER would have had the opportunity to learn about anything outside their immediate existence made me feel PROUD and PRIVILEGED to be part of the Friends of the Reston Regional Library!

Join us.  We do good stuff!


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