Monday, September 29, 2008

Whew! What an Event!

The booksale closed yesterday afternoon at 3:30 with people still frantically shopping!  In other words, right up to the last minute people continued to locate books worth purchasing.  THAT is the difference between our sale and others.  We continue to restock.  We make available to you, our customers, everything we have.  Nothing is held back and everything is priced to sell!

Our preliminary numbers look VERY good -- perhaps even a record.  We'll let you know in the next couple of days.

So what can you do while it's NOT booksale time?  Check the blog.  Here is where we'll feature some of the most beautiful/interesting/quirky books that are donated.  You can purchase them between sales if a) you are a current Friends member and b) you contact us via e-mail.

Check our Amazon site.  We have 2 storefronts at Amazon (2 because 2 of our amazing volunteers run them from their homes) where we feature niche and noteworthy books that might not get adequate exposure on the sales floor.  In case you wondered, our Amazon storefronts are entirely volunteer.   The two people who run them, "J" and "B", do NOT get a commission, nor are they dealers.  They're just good people who volunteer for the Friends and enjoy doing this.  They don't mind a portion of their homes being taken over by books for sale, and don't mind making friends with their postal carrier, and don't mind watching all that lovely money poor into the Reston Friends account so we can support the Reston Regional library!

Thank you so much for supporting us over the last four days.  If it looks like the volunteers were having fun, we were!  If you'd like to have that much fun, JOIN US!  E-mail us!


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