Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eternal Perspective

The late Pope John Paul II was one of the most beloved figures of our time.  He was the first Polish pope, and led the church from 1978-2005.  He was an interesting man, with a talent for languages, a dedication to physical fitness, and a passion for leading the Church.  He survived two assassination attempts.  The most famous one, that almost killed him, was an opportunity for him to model forgiveness to his assailant.  He was also a poet, and this very rare book, is a record of some of his poetry.  It is available at our Amazon Site at $50.

There are some ancient texts that underlie Western philosophy and thought and are important to understand if one wants to understand the foundations of our culture.  One of those books is the Bible, and some of the books of the Bible are particularly illuminating.  This is one of them, the Book of Job, from Easton Press.  It is a beautifully illustrated and bound copy.   In it, God allows Satan to play havoc with Job's life, stripping him of everything that is important on earth including family, wealth, and his health.  Because God knows Job's heart, He stands firm telling Satan that Job will not reject God.  As things worsen, Job's friends urge him to question everything he believes to be true about God.  And as Job cries out to God in his sorrow, some of the most beautiful dialogue between God and man occurs, complex and moving.  If you're not familiar with the story, I won't spoil the ending.   Just go to our Amazon site and get the book!  It is $48.

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