Monday, October 27, 2008

Moonlight and Magic

Persian Moonlight, by Dr. Javad Mohsenian, is a love story set in Iran.  Published in 1981, this book is hard to find.  This copy would make a nice gift for someone who is interested in Persian literature but who has read all the "ordinarily available" things.  At our Amazon storefront for $24.

Paul Gallico is better known for some of his other books, but this story is a timeless classic that would make a great holiday gift for a child of any age.  The Man Who Was Magic features a young magician who is humble, thinking his abilities to be only minor.  Yet, these abilities, because they are real, are sufficient to threaten the magician establishment.  What follows is a great tale about truth and courage.  This copy is $28 at our Amazon storefront.

Either book is available for current Friends members by e-mailing us at  Save postage!


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