Friday, November 21, 2008

Quintessential Mark Twain

Holiday Gift Alert! The Friends of Reston Regional Library have the perfect gift for one very lucky person. We have received a donation of a complete set of the Oxford Mark Twain. Each of these 29 volumes (yes, 29!) are in excellent, never-read condition. 

When Oxford published them, they used the original printings of Twain's works to produce the pages of these volumes. Thus, the print on the page looks the way it did for Twain's original readers. The introductions and afterwards are written by various high-recognition literary figures of the 20th century including Toni Morrison and Kurt Vonnegut.

These photos are representative volumes of the entire set.

For comparison shopping purposes, consider that a complete set of 29 volumes runs from over $1500 down to $250 right now on-line.  Don't believe us? Click here to see the comparisons. 

We're offering this entire set for $150. 

To read a decent, honest review of the set from when it was first published, click here

We have only one set, and we will not sell individual volumes. If you are at all interested in this set, contact us immediately. At this price, in this condition, it will not last long. Do not wait!


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Tina said...

This looks like an awesome gift! I found a post about Mark Twain today on Peterman's Eye and I thought I'd is his birthday!