Monday, November 10, 2008

When in Rome . . .

Imagine a travel guide set in a time long ago, before two World Wars changed the landscape forever.  What a fresh view of a beautiful country and people would be yours, and what a great resource for researchers/writers interested in Italy before the wars.  This book, Italy (Peeps at Many Lands) by John Finnemore offers you that earlier perspective. This 1916 Edition is tight and the binding is in excellent shape. The previous owner's name is written inside and there are a variety of pencilled notes scattered throughout the text. Very affordable, this book is $14 at our Amazon1 site.

Ben-Hur, the classic tale by Lew Wallace, was first published in 1880. This copy is dated 1880. It is in very good condition for its age. There is a tiny amount of separation beginning at the title page, but otherwise it is tight and the text is umarked. There is evidence inside the front cover where a 1" round sticker had been, plus a price ($1.18) in pencil. It has some shelf-wear on the edges of the cover, especially at the spine. For someone who loves this story, this gift is priceless as it is. At our Amazon1 site though, it is $20.

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