Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Our 2008 Jigsaw Puzzle Mini sale has been a huge success! The first day saw the puzzles flying out the door and each day after saw more go. There are only a few left, so hurry in on Wednesday to get something that will lead to many quiet hours!  Your support has been fantastic. Thank you!

One of the elements that makes our mini-sales (and indeed our big sales) a success is the willingness of our "super cashier" Vicki. Vicki is a volunteer for the library and she also gives a lot of valuable volunteer time to the Friends. She likes to cashier and does a great job at it.  Not only is she accurate but she has the distinction of inspiring the most patrons to donate over and above the cost of their purchase. It happens every sale! Thank you Vicki!

Today is Veterans' Day and the library is closed in honor of those who have given up some of their personal freedom to serve the rest of us. One of the things military members serve to defend is our free and open society. In many countries, a free and open library system such as we have in Fairfax County is anathema to their governments. In others, libraries are reserved for the wealthy. Our lives are richly enhanced by those willing to go into harm's way. They deserve our respect as they try to help others around the world to receive the same blessings of liberty and freedom that we enjoy.

Thank you veterans!

Photos by Darlene

/kw (Thank you Pappy, Dad, and W!)

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