Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Without Electricity

In the midst of summer storms when the electricity is out, we often wonder what we would do if we had to go back to the pre-computer days. The blogger's husband has been known to pull out a slide rule that belonged to his father in order to show the children that it IS possible to calculate without a computer! Some skills are too important for our society to lose.

Long before personal computers, laptops and notebooks, engineers depended on a slide rule to help them calculate accurately. This text, from 1962, is a primer by Robert Saffold and Ann Smalley that will assist any budding engineer in understanding how the slide rule works and its applications in science, engineering, business and technology. The Slide Rule shows very little sign of having been used. It is clean and tight. There are small tears on the dust jacket and some shelf wear along the bottom. It has been price clipped. Get it for $30 at our Amazon1 site.

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