Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bragging Rights and Getting it Wright

Sir William Lawrence Bragg and his father Sir William Henry Bragg are the only father-son team to ever share the Nobel prize.  Awarded it for physics in 1915, this father-son team pioneered the early application work in X-ray crystallography.  Sir Lawrence later headed the Cavendish laboratory providing crucial support for the team of Crick and Watson who discovered the structure of DNA.  The Development of X-ray Analysis by Lawrence Bragg is a classic for people who work in the field and would make an excellent gift for a scientist of any age. It is $60 at Amazon1. It is like new, and may have never been used. The dust jacket is slightly tattered along the upper edge.

We are fortunate to have a Frank Lloyd Wright book on glass available to you. This volume shows the ways in which Wright used glass to accent and highlight his furniture and architectural design. Truly stunning photographs will inspire the most timid of decorators. The book appears to be unused and unread. There is slight shelf-wear on the dust jacket, but no tatters or tears. It is $28 at Amazon1. Wright books don't last long - hurry!

You will notice the look of the blog changing a bit as we experiment with new ideas. Friends of Reston Regional Library has recently entered into a collaborative effort with the Business & IT Department at South Lakes High School in order to work with their talented young people who will help us bring the blog into the 21st century! The content won't change much, but hopefully the look will improve. Watch this spot for details and let us know what you think via e-mail or comment!


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