Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Market Forces Meet Paradise

Wouldn't it be better to understand the market forces at play these days rather than to react to every bad news bulletin?By listening to this Teaching Company course, you will be better prepared to separate the sensationalists from the truthful. These audio CD's are narrated by Professor Timothy Taylor of the University of Minnesota. You might look at the publication date (2005) and think today's economy is completely different. However, that is the beauty of economics -- the BIG principles that guide the market stay the same, so something dated 2005 is still current on the underlying principles. Knowing that and understanding them may ease some of the late night worries. This course is available for $65 on our Amazon1 site.

Not equipped for that much realism? Then how about cooking up a meal from paradise? Chef Roy Yamaguchi will give you your hearts delight in wonderful Polynesian recipes. In the midst of winter, you will be able to turn on the Hawaiian music, hand out grass skirts, and impress your friends with your new found skills. This cookbook appears to be brand new, never used. The original price sticker is still on the back of the dust jacket. This would also be a great gift for a chef friend or a 'foodie.' It is available for $14 at our Amazon1 site. Aloha!

One more book: For friends who are really "into" the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, there is a book on our Amazon1 site that would be a perfect gift. Striving to keep the blog 'family-friendly' means we won't show the photo here, but you can see it by going to this link. It appears to be brand-new, never read. It is only $12.50 at the site.

As always, current Friends can get the books locally, without paying shipping, by contacting us by e-mail.


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