Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Learn Something New

Let's face it -- some of us may have more time on our hands in the coming year than we had anticipated. In the midst of a job search, why not take this as an opportunity to learn something new? Several books available from Amazon1 might help you launch the creative "inner" you!

Courses: A Culinary Journey by Princess Cruises will take you away with presentation, flavors and memories of the last ocean cruise you enjoyed. And if you haven't been on one, this will help you dream! $13.50 at Amazon1. Slight shelf-wear on the dust jacket, especially on the spine, but appears to have never been used.

The Essential French Cookbook is published by Courage...isn't that humorous? According to reviews though, this book is a true help to those attempting to replicate famous French recipes. The copy we have available at Amazon1 shows very slight shelf-wear on the dust jacket, but appears to never have been used. It's yours for $14.50.

Martha Stewart's Hors d'Oeuvres cookbook is a classic. Published in 1985, it's worth looking at just to see what Martha looked like then! Inside are recipes that are accessible for any level of cook. If your deviled eggs are a little tired, this might be the book to get you invited back to classy events! On Amazon1 for $35 (and includes Martha Stewart's Conversion Card - a laminated measurement conversion helper).

Jane Grigson was an Englishwoman who was famed for her cookbooks featuring foods available in Britain and on the Continent. She wrote for the Observer magazine, and that's where this cookbook, European Cookery, comes from. A trust established in her name carries on her work of educating the public in all things connected with good food. You can advance your knowledge of this area by purchasing this book at Amazon1 for $22.

All books and materials the Friends of the Library offer for sale are donations to the library not needed for the collection. All proceeds from sales benefit the Reston Regional Library specifically, and the Fairfax County Library system generally. The Friends group is an active, energetic, and fun group of people who love books and love our library. If this description fits you, and you're not a member yet, contact us to become one. We'd love to have you!


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