Monday, December 29, 2008

Is There a Connection?

 Erich von Daniken is a well known author whose most long-lasting impact is due to his claims of proof that aliens visited the Earth in pre-history, leaving their marks of technology upon its surfaces.
The Gods From Outer Space: Atlantis, Men and Monsters, is part of a series that was published in an attempt to make Von Daniken's ideas more accessible. It was published by Methuen in 1979, and appears to be unused. There is slight shelf-wear and a price sticker on the back, but otherwise a bright, clean copy. $85 at our Amazon1 site.

The Essential Fromm: Life Between Having and Being synthesizes Fromm's work in a format that makes it a good introduction for the interested psychology student. This topic, how to live more fully where we are, rather than where we think we might be if we acquired more, is particularly pertinent as we look ahead to a year in which our priorities will be tested. $13 at our Amazon1 site.

While you're at our Amazon1 site, check out the Thinker's Guides.  There are several books from a series which focus on how to read, write and think critically. It is a perfect selection for anyone seeking to improve their communication skills.

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