Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let There Be Music!

Let there be music! We have a wide variety today of formats and styles. The classic music of Fiddler on the Roof is performed by Ferrante & Teicher on this LP album. Available at Amazon1 for $12.00.

Classical Masterpieces is the headline for this
recording of Brahms Symphony No. 4. Available for $12.25 at Amazon1 on CD. Conducted by Kent Nagano.

Need a little romance? An Audio CD from Ray, Goodman & Brown will provide the perfect atmosphere you need for your New Year's Eve dancing. There are 18 tracks on this CD, available from Amazon1  for $17.50.

And to round out your diverse listening pleasure, how about an LP recording of a Tattoo at Wolf Trap? It's still shrinkwrapped and available for $20 at Amazon1 .

And if you're thinking, "no one has turntables anymore", there's a gadget out that you can get from Bed, Bath &  Beyond that allows you to listen to your old LP's on your computer.  It is called an Ion® USB Turntable with Line Output.  Ah, if I'd only held onto my Jackson 5 and Bobby Sherman LP's...


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