Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A New Language

Did you know that the Reston Regional Library is a hub of activity when it comes to learning English?  There is tutoring going on, there are English classes being taught, and there are conversation opportunities.  Near the front entrance is an entire section devoted to helping ESL and ESOL students succeed, and a bulletin board that advertises a range of class opportunities. Although the library staff do not teach any of the classes themselves, they are happy to assist patrons in finding the right class and/or resources for their ESOL/ESL needs.

The books featured today are from a series developed for adult learners of English.  Although they are dated, they are very useful for today's student of English.

Except for an occasional word or phrase underlined, The Silver Elephant appears to be unused.  The exercises have not been completed. This is the 8th printing, 1970, and shows mild shelf-wear on the cover.  It is $18 at Amazon1.

Stories to Surprise You is from the same series.  It also appears to be unused and the exercises have not been completed.  It is the 6th printing, 1970, and shows mild shelf-wear.  It is also $18 at  Amazon1.

There is a third book in the series available, The Island of Truth. Like The Silver Elephant, it has an occasional word or phrase underlined, yet the exercises have not been completed.  It, too, is $18 at  Amazon1.

Why not give start 2009 out right for someone you know by helping him or her begin English lessons? It is the kind of gift that will enrich a lifetime.

There are some interesting books at Amazon2  currently. Some of the titles are: Wings of the Black Cross ($17.93), The Agile Rabbit Book of Historic and Curious Maps ($13.74), and Biological Treatments for Autism and ADD ($25.93). 

The books we sell at  Amazon1 and Amazon2 are not needed for the collection. They are all donations, processed by volunteers, and offered to the general public. They are also available locally to current Friends, saving shipping. If you have questions about any of the books in this blog, or becoming a Friend of Reston Regional Library, contact us!


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