Friday, January 9, 2009

Building Correctly

One of our eagle-eyed sorters spied this book -- and who knew that a book called Specifications for Commerical Interiors from 1989 is such a treasure? It is highly acclaimed by actual users in the field, and difficult to find. Thus, it's $14.50 at our Amazon1 site. If you have a young engineer or designer in your life, his or her reference bookshelf would be blessed by this addition.

Creativity at Work also receives high marks from users. This book gives practical applications for the reader in order to benefit the reader and the reader's workplace. This is another of those books that might help you be the one who survives the passing out of pink slips. It's only $14 at Amazon1.

And finally, again for the young engineer, Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings comes highly acclaimed by engineeers working in the field. This is the 8th edition, and still in demand. It can be yours for $32 at Amazon1.

We thank you for your donations, we thank our sorters for their eagle-eyes, and we thank the Reston Regional Library branch manager and her staff for helping us help them. This endeavor is truly a team working together with a common positive goal -- enhancing our community and supporting literacy.  Yay Reston!


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