Thursday, January 1, 2009

Check the Numbers

Happy New Year!

As we move into 2009, here are some books that may help you understand what the market is trying to do and how to account for your assets as you do it!

Economics Today and Tomorrow is a classic textbook, used in courses at many institutions of higher learning.  This copy is new -- never used and is $36 at Amazon1.

Fundamental Accounting Principles, Chapters 12-25, published by McGraw-Hill, is a classroom standard. This hardcover book appears to never have been used -- the accompanying CD is still sealed. There is slight crimping of several pages due to improper storage somewhere along the way before it came to Friends of Reston Regional Library. It is $12 through Amazon1.

And, if you need the workbook to finish up Fundamental Accounting Principles, Chapters 1-13 before you move on to the above textbook, it is also available at Amazon1 for $11. Slight pencil marks in early chapters.

Finally, if you just want to shift your focus completely, and put the economy in perspective, it never hurts to read H.L. Mencken. Almost a local boy (Baltimore), Mencken was well known for his satirical wit. This paperback, H.L. Mencken: Disturber of the Peace, by William Manchester is $22 at Amazon1.

However you approach 2009, be sure to do so with great reading material. Check back here as well as in our "Ongoing" shelves at Reston Regional Library for superb bargains!


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