Friday, January 2, 2009

Views of China

Beyond the Stone Arches is a tale of a missionary's work in China over four decades. Edward Bliss, Sr., went to China as a medical missionary in 1892 and did not leave until Mao's revolution forced him out in 1932. The book is written by his son, and the reviews of the book are very complimentary. This copy appears to never have been used and is $15 on Amazon1.

Emerging Asian Regionalism: A Partnership for Shared Prosperity is an excellent choice for someone interested in understanding how the emerging markets in Asia are changing. This was published by the Asian Development Bank in July 2008, so the material is pretty current and may give some insight to how we will all recover from economic upheaval. This book is $14 at  Amazon1 and appears to never have been read.

Rounding out our Sinophile trio is China and the American Dream: A Moral Inquiry. Balancing between the history of the first book, and the market information of the second, this book explores the third pillar of studying China -- human rights. The author, a professor of sociology, looks at the myths the two cultures maintain about one another. It is $18 on  Amazon1. This book also appears to never have been read.

We hope as you are putting away holiday decorations and organizing in accordance with your New Year's resolutions, you will consider donating your books to Reston Regional Library. The Friends of the Library accept 2 boxes of books per day per household. We have a donation bin inside the front of the library, or you can donate at the back porch by ringing the bell. If you want a receipt, you must come inside. It is better to NOT just 'drop them off' on either of the porches as the inclement weather that sweeps through this time of year can quickly ruin your donation. We will be accepting books again on Monday, January 5.

This will be a year of prioritizing for many of us. In doing so, if you discover that one of your goals for the year is to do more for others in an area that you love, and you love books, consider becoming an active part of Friends of Reston Regional Library. We need people with all kinds of talents and gifts to keep the organization healthy and the library served. Contact us for more information.


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