Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Classic Kids' Reads

The Singing Tree by Kate Seredy is a classic fiction book by an extremely talented author/illustrator. It is set in rural Hungary before World War I.  It features fully developed characters that readers care about. How these characters have to work together as the war approaches gives the reader a sense of how communities used take care of one another during a crisis. That is not a bad lesson for our children to learn today -- and perhaps we can re-learn it through books such as this one. Some reviewers have likened the story to the "Little House" saga of the American frontier. The author was a Newbery award winner for her classic tale of Hungary, The White Stag.

Our copy is not a fancy one; it has been well-loved.  It certainly doesn't have the full color cover that later mass-marketed
 paperbacks do.  But our copy has the author's signature in it, and since Kate Seredy died in 1975, this is an increasingly difficult item to find. Our copy is $6, and is only available by contacting us directly at restonfriendspr@gmail.com, or through this  e-mail link.

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