Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Genealogy Treasures & Disney

No photos of these -- but a heads-up to you genealogy buffs.  We currently have some great finds at our Amazon1 site:
Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790 North Carolina ($15)
Abstract of Wills Recorded in Orange County, North Carolina, 1752-1800 ($92)
Tennesseans in Texas ($26.50)
Marriages of Orange County, North Carolina, 1779-1868 ($36)
Guide to the Local Administrative Units of England: Northern England ($32)

In addition, here is a gem from the same location:

Disney's Art of Animation #2, From Mickey Mouse to Hercules. The two customer reviews at Amazon say very positive things about this book.  This copy appears to never have been read. It has minor shelf wear on the cover.  It's $22 at  Amazon1.

If you ever see a book here that interests you, and you go to our  Amazon1 site and it's gone, it has probably sold.  But don't despair. There's a chance it might still be around but withdrawn from the site for some technical reason.  If a book you want is gone, please E-mail us!

All books here, on our  Amazon1 sites, and in our used book sales are donations provided by the public that are not needed for the library collection. Our highly discerning, wonderfully dedicated and woefully underpaid (i.e., volunteer) sorters go through the piles and piles that are donated to separate the wheat from the chaff. Books that will not age well go to the ongoing sale in the front hall of the library -- near the meeting rooms. Books that are a high enough quality in condition are sorted and packed away for the next semi-annual book sale.  Books that fit a particular genre are often shunted off in preparation for a genre sale (i.e., the upcoming mystery sale Feb 6-11)

Books that are high value are processed to be made available for sale through our  Amazon1 or Amazon2 sites, or saved for the Specials Room at the semi-annual sale. As you can tell, this is a highly detailed process. There is never any shortage of books, but there is often a shortage of labor. If you are physically fit, can commit to a regular time slot, and are interested in helping, we'd like to talk to you! E-mail us here.


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