Monday, January 19, 2009

Reston Regional's Storyteller

If you and your children have attended an event at Reston Regional Library in the last several years, chances are that you've enjoyed the imagination of Marcia Wines.  Marcia is one of the childrens' librarians and is also a professional storyteller*. Here are some photos of different events she hosted during the summer of 2008. One of the annual events that is eagerly anticipated by the children of Reston is to see where Busia bear travels during the summer. Marcia also encourages the children who travel to send a post card to the library. Many do, and the map quickly gets filled up with children wanting to share their travels with THEIR library.

With the current budget climate in Fairfax County, programs like these are at risk.  Your continued support of the Friends of the Library book sales by donating and shopping is essential. Thank you for all you do. If you'd like to do more by pitching in to help us, please click here.

*Marcia is available for birthday parties, PTA events, and other events where imagination is essential. Stop by the childrens' desk at Reston Regional Library for more information.

Photos by Alicia Issac


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Anonymous said...

Marcia Wines is the most awesome storyteller. She has a magical way of captivating her audience. What a gifted storyteller.