Thursday, January 29, 2009

Knit One, Purl Two

Unfortunately, the title of today's blog encompasses the extent of the blogger's knowledge of knitting.  As I watch some of the ladies I know creating all kinds of wonderful garments, I am fascinated by the seemingly effortless rhythm that guides them. Rationally, I know that it is years of practice that has enabled them to do it so smoothly. Still, a part of me yearns to be as . . . talented!

The books we're featuring today are all available on our Amazon1 site. Although only these four are shown here, there are a number of them on the site including one on how to make your own Bilum. If you are a knitter or love a knitter, these books are worth investigating! And remember, if you're a local current Friend of Reston Regional Library, we'll allow you to purchase books directly from us, and save the shipping. It never hurts to ask for a quantity discount if you're purchasing three or more books. No promises, but it never hurts to ask.

Vintage Style: 30 Styles from Rowan by Kim Hargreaves appears to never have been used. It is $42 at Amazon1.

Classic & Inexpensive Knitwear from Sally Milner publishing is clean and tight and $28 at Amazon1.

The Creators Exclusive Hand Knits From International Designers is published by the Australian Wool Corporation.  The text is tight and mostly unmarked. There are a few pencil marks on one of the patterns. The cover shows mild wear and has a creased lower corner. It is $18 at Amazon1.

The "Elle" Book of Knitting, Book 1, is published by the magazine. The text is tight and unmarked. There is a crease in the cover and a sticker has been removed from inside the front cover. It is $42 at Amazon1.

Not shown, but available also at Amazon1 are:
  • Sasha Kagan's Big & Little Sweaters, $36
  • Aussie Originals: Creative & Colorful Handknits, $24
  • Make Your Own Bilum, $70
Any one of these will keep you busy through the winter! Purchase multiples and you'll be ready to set up your own workshop.  As always, you can contact us here, or at  We look forward to hearing from you!


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