Thursday, February 26, 2009

Animals, Music and Padlocks

You may have heard
Temple Grandin on National Public Radio recently. There was an interview with her about how her autism gives her greater empathy with animals which helps in her research and design of livestock facilities. She is an amazing woman with an fascinating message -- whether you eat meat or not! This CD set, Animals in Translation, is $17 on Amazon1 and would make a great commute partner, although it doesn't boost you to HOV status, sorry!

What a treasure! Here we offer The Complete Book of Doo-Wop. Full of photos and sheet music for many of your Doo-Wop favorites, this book is a bargain at $50 on Amazon1.

Who knew there was such a thing as collecting padlocks? Still, looking at some of the photos in this book, one can understand the fascination with this artform from a different era. Back when craftsmen 
made things with an eye towards functionality combined with their artist's eye, every day items were much more beautiful. Thus, today they are quite collectible. This book, The Padlock Collector, is a collector's resource for $30 at Amazon1.


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