Monday, March 2, 2009

Snuggle Up Weather!

Who would have thought that on the 2nd of March we'd be seeing scenes like this outside our windows in Reston? What a beautiful last gasp of winter! The snow is light and fluffy and easy to shovel, which is good because there was a LOT of it on my driveway. But having shoveled it off, the blogger is now ready to find some good books to read, so I'm heading over to Amazon1 to see what's new.

A Stranger to Command heads the list aAmazon1. This is the prequel to an immensely popular title, Crown Duel, by Sherwood Smith. The reviewers on Amazon give this 4 and 5 stars. This copy appears to not have been read, and is $24.

Also at Amazon1 you can also find a non-fiction travel adventure in the tale of One Man Caravan by Robert Fulton. In 1932 Fulton saddled up his  motorcycle and set off for an adventure around the world. His experiences are detailed here. Eleven Amazon reviewers give him 5 stars! This paperback appears to never have been read, and is $15.50 at our site.

Remember, if you are a local current Friend of Reston Regional Library, we are happy to make these books available to you exclusive of shipping. Please e-mail us to make arrangements.

What?  You're NOT a member of the Friends? You can easily remedy that by e-mailing us as well!

Enjoy the reads and enjoy the snow!


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