Friday, March 6, 2009

But Why?

There's a cry that every parent knows, whether it is being voiced by a 3 year old or a 13 year old. "But why?" our children ask when we say the sky is blue. "But why?" they wail when we say they cannot go to Chuck E. Cheese again. "But why?" they demand when we say they are too young for anything they desire at age 13. The Friends of the Library heard that cry Wednesday when we posted our opportunities to support us via Paypal.

"But why?" would I support FRRL any more than I do? Simply because (and be ready for the parent phrase here) it is the RIGHT thing to do. Let's be honest. Our elected officials budgeted in the belief that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow would never diminish -- and that they would have continuous access to it. Now they're scrambling to figure out a way to pay for everything they've committed to doing. Programs are being cut, personnel spots are being eliminated. Across the county, tough choices are being made.

The Friends of Reston Regional Library, Inc., has, since the beginning of its existence, sought to bridge the gap between what Reston Regional Library OUGHT to be for its patrons, and what the County Budget would allow it to be. We have been able to fill in those "nice to have" items that make the library a much better place to work, research, learn, and participate in community. But now, that gap is bigger, and the role of the FRRL is correspondingly more vital.

But FRRL is not an entity that sits on a shelf existing in a vacuum, waiting for that time when it can move into position to save the library. It is a continually growing, working, vivacious organization which exists only because people contribute to it through donations of books, volunteer hours, and financial support. Of all the appeals you get for help in the next several months, the one from FRRL is the one that in responding to, you will have a direct, material affect on your own community.

"But why?" you still ask. Because the Reston Regional Library is where people LEARN. It is so much more than checking out books. Tutoring for people of all ages, acquisition of English skills, helping with taxes, grieving together through support groups that use our meeting rooms, and many, many other 'transactions' take place there every single day. Without RRLibrary, all of these things would have to find somewhere else to meet, or would cease to exist.  But Reston Regional Library cannot, in itself, generate revenue to support itself. Those of us who donate to Friends of Reston Regional Library do that. So think about donating your
  • time (volunteer)
  • talent (volunteer!)
  • treasures (click the buttons!)
That's Why! So, go back to Wednesday's post and contribute, or e-mail us to get on board as a volunteer!  Thanks for listening!


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