Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Show is Dark

Both of our Amazon1 and Amazon2 sites are dark this week. That means that our extremely able, talented and generous volunteers who run them are otherwise occupied -- as in taking some family time! That will give them time to recharge their batteries and will give the Friends of the Reston Regional Library time to accumulate more wonderful donations to put on the sites for sale.

In the meantime, the Ongoing Sale is available at the library. These are books that are donated that are too 'hot' to save for a sale. They may be topical or timely, or might be library discards that we want to make available to you right away. (One of our guiding principals for the Huge Semi-Annual Book Sale is to present only the books in best physical shape which the library discards often do not meet).  The bookshelves holding these on-going treasures are at the end of the hallway going towards the meeting rooms - near the public restrooms. There are 3 tall shelves, full of a variety of books. As you stand gazing at these shelves, our magazines for sale are behind you to your right.

The prices on the Ongoing books are the same as the Semi-Annual Used Book Sale. They start at $1.50 for hardbacks, $1.00 trade paperbacks, and .50 for small paperbacks. You pay at the Circulation Desk.  So the next time you're in the library, go past the tax forms and stop by to the Ongoing Sale to see what's there.  It is always changing, and there's no due date on these books! (And here's a tip -- we generally restock on Thursday!)


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