Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Building A Future

The Classical Orders of Architecture, published in 1991, stands in a class by itself in terms of teaching modern architects how to incorporate the classical into their designs in a manner that changes their designs from merely functional, to functional and timeless. There are two reviews of this book on Amazon, both of which give it 5 stars. This is a great gift for any architect and hard to come by. Our copy is paperback, and appears to never have been used. It's
$25 on Amazon1.

Speaking of architects, The Man Watching: A Biography of Anson Dorrance, calls him the architect of the 'greatest college sports dynasty ever.'  You've never heard of him? Well, you must not be into soccer!  Dorrance has been the coach of the UNC Womens' Soccer team for years and has the wins and credentials to back up the claims of the front cover.  This copy is signed by Dorrance as well as the author. It's $18 on Amazon1.

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