Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photos of Fun

The Friends of Reston Regional Library organization is blessed with a couple of extraordinary photographers.  One of them, Darlene, captures everything from set-up to tear-down. She also takes photos between sales of anything we need. These are her photos from set-up last week and from Friends Night.

On Sunday several volunteers had set up the tables. There is an art to doing it in a way that allows maximum book display but compliance with Fire Marshall regulations. As you can see from this photo, the tables start out bare and expectant. There are signs to be posted and myriad details to be finished. Each book gets a final 'gut check' of whether it's good enough to be displayed for sale.
Next come the movers. Although our weather was less than inspiring, the movers were cheerful and indefatigable. Bringing the boxes in was the first step. The color splashes of their rainslickers and protective tarps gave a lift to an otherwise dreary day.

Two of our hardest working volunteers are Ron and Keith. Here they take a minute to pose. Before, during, and after the sale Ron is "Mr. Handcart" as he schleps the books back and forth. Keith is the gentleman who came from England to help us! You can see from this photo how the room was still pretty bare. That changed quickly. Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow!

Photos by Darlene

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