Monday, April 27, 2009


Wow! After a fast and furious paced week, the Spring 09 Semi Annual Friends of Reston Regional Library is almost* finished. It was an interesting four sale days. The attendance at Friends night was consistent with past years. Both Arlington and Chantilly were having book sales the same weekend, so some of our dealer friends did not show up, perhaps choosing to go to one of those. Their loss because once again, the comments we heard from patrons who came to us throughout the weekend after visiting both of those was that (even at that point) Reston had more variety and books in better condition. (We do wish our fellow-Friends groups success -- we're all in this together!)

On Friday, when our local, long-standing patrons came in, there were many, many bargains on hand.  On Friday afternoon the tireless volunteers began the "Big Flip" (or as book sale chair Charly kept calling it, 'the flip-flop').  We continued that all weekend.  On Saturday afternoon a patron was heard to wail, "oh no, I already looked at that table and you're bringing fresh stuff out!"  She then promptly went back to select more books!

We continued flipping and restocking all the way through Sunday, and sales were still strong as we wrapped up on Sunday afternoon at 3:30.

Our final numbers aren't in yet, but at this point it is clear that we have at least matched past years if not exceeded them. And it's all due to:

a.  GREAT volunteers
b.  GREAT patrons
c.  GREAT library staff (many of whom are patrons as well as volunteers!)
d.  GREAT community support (especially in terms of food for the volunteers!)

Special Thanks to:

Keith & Margaret Weaver -- our British friends who came to work the sale (how would you like to spend your vacation sweaty and dusty counting books or money?)
Melody Warner -- our friend who comes from New Jersey each sale to help!
Stephanie Abbott -- member of FCPL Library Foundation Board of Directors -- worked at our Specials Room desk for several hours on Saturday morning
Andrew Pendergrass -- new branch manager at Reston Regional Library (talk about jumping into the firing line -- Andrew just started here April 1 and was hit with a MAJOR booksale!). He never stopped schlepping books from the staging area to the sales floor! We REALLY appreciate his involvement.

and all of our wonderful local volunteers -- I hesitate to try to name them all because I'd hate to leave someone out!

*almost finished because today is the charity donation pick-ups!

Photos to follow...


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