Friday, April 10, 2009

Spotlight Amazon

One of the unsung heroes of the Friends of Reston Regional Library's operation is Judy K. Not only is she a faithful regular sorter, but Judy is also the person who takes the Amazon offerings home, photographs them, and gets them posted. When they sell, she gets them into the mail to their new homes. The '
satisfied buyer' rating Judy has harvested on Amazon reflects her personality and for those of us who know her, is no surprise.  Thanks Judy  for all the hard work you do!

Here are some of her latest postings.

The Consultant's Quick Start Guide: An Action Plan for Your First Year in Business. This book got 39 5-star reviews on Amazon. If you've been fantasizing about being your own boss and master of your own fate, this book is worth reading. It retails at $24.95 but we have it, unused, at Friends1 for $15.50.

Think you know a lot about Shakespeare?  Even better, do you have a friend who claims to know everything about Shakespeare?  One who randomly quotes the plays in a faux-Elizabethan accent (as if anyone knows what that really sounds like!)? If so, this is the purchase for you! This Quotable Shakespeare Knowledge Cards deck can make you as obnoxious as your acquaintance. And since more parties and gatherings will be at home in 2009 due to the economy, you'll need a party trick or two up your sleeve. The deck is $11.50 at Friends1.

The Little Prince, by Antonie de Saint-Exupery is a classic read for children of all ages. It is ubiquitous in the paperback copy that everyone reads in grade school. But to have a hardback copy to reflect upon is exceptional.  This copy is a First Edition, 2nd printing. To be honest, its condition is not perfect. Although the text is clean and tight, with bright and clear pictures, the previous owner's
 name is blanked out on the fly leaf.  Also, there is no DJ and the back cover is slightly faded in some areas and it is lightly stained along the fold of the spine. Nonetheless, it IS a First Edition, and this is a story worth having, especially in times of uncertainty. It's $18 at Friends1.

These are samples of the Specials we'll have available at the Semi-Annual Used Book Sale at the end of the month. You do NOT want to miss this sale. If these seem to be out of your pocketbook reach, don't worry -- we'll have thousands of books priced under $2 each.

Friday, April 24, 10-5; Saturday April 25, 10-4:30;
 Sunday April 26, 12-3:30

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