Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthdays and Summer Reading

When we go to our Amazon storefront, it is difficult to decide which books to feature because there are over 500 there! So here is a selection to give you a taste. But if you don't see anything that catches your interest, go to the site anyway. Browsing may reveal just the perfect thing for you. Let us know what you find!

If you need a beach read, and you live in the Washington area, this is the book to pick up. Written by a local, it captures what most of us only suspect is lurking beneath the surface of our metro-area, orderly (if rushed) lives. Are each of us really only a couple of degrees of separation from enough power to destroy or enhance a career? What about a nation's security? The Cellomaker, by Jean Werner, is worth taking a look at. A paperback for $15 at Friends1.

Speaking of layers within layers and things with more than one meaning, A Journey of the Imagination: The Art of James Christensen, is a beautiful hard-cover book currently at our Friends1 site for $14. Published in 1995, it is still a favorite among students and teachers of graphic design and illustration. The reviews on Amazon are almost (one exception) uniformly outstanding with people from many different walks of life praising it. If you have an artist friend with a birthday coming up, this might be the perfect choice!

Birthdays are a big event for some people. If you know someone born in 1958 for whom you'd like to find the perfect gift, here it is! What a Year It Was: 1958, is a hardcover memory book in scrapbook format. What a fun shared family activity this would be to go through. The blogger's kids have a hard time believing that Jim Crow laws existed in their parents' lifetime -- much less that people actually built bomb shelters in their back yards. A book like this might convince them that it wasn't just their own parents who were "strange." This is $14 at Friends1 and includes a video CD of 1958 Flashbacks!

And finally, 1001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die, is available for $21 at Friends1. This book doesn't really need a description -- but there are some fun reviews of it on Amazon. It is $21.

As always, current Friends of Reston Regional Library can save postage by e-mailing us to purchase these books directly.


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