Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Reading books is akin to feeding the brain. As parents, we read to our 
children to develop their love of language and because it is fun to snuggle with them while we do it. Children instinctively reach for books, no matter where they live or what culture they're from. There is something about the information, the human maps, contained therein that calls to them. Sometimes the book disappoints and they come away still having learned something about life and literature. Sometimes the book grabs them and changes the course of their life's work.

Just as we need to feed the brain, we need to feed our souls. Beautiful music does that. Stunning or provocative art does that. But the best way to feed our souls is to get outside and absorb the beauty of creation. All of the major religions believe God reveals Himself to us through the works of His creation. From the greatest whale to the smallest bits of DNA, the beauty and intricacies of the world around us

Every so often in the busy Northern Virginia lifestyle, it is possible to find a place that puts allows you to wallow in beauty. Margaret's Garden, at 12410 Lawyer’s Road, is one of those places. This is private land, but Margaret invites people to come and visit any time and absorb the beauty of her garden. It is open daily; admission and parking is free. She asks you to not pick the flowers, but simply enjoy their beauty. If you enjoy them so much
that you want the same riotous beauty in your own yard, you may
purchase some for transplanting. There are many volunteers who will assist you with the purchase and arm you with the knowledge to start your own bit of heaven in Fairfax County. Sale of the irises has supported Margaret since the 1970's. 

From year to year the Garden's future is in danger -- the County would love to receive the land as a donation, but that is not possible for Margaret to do and still have money to live on. Read 
more about it here in the 2006 TCLF report.

These are some photos from the last couple of growing seasons. The 2009 show is about to begin -- next week will be prime. So take an hour or two off from work, slow 
down, and feed your soul.

Awesome Photos by Darlene Strevey

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