Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Emily Located

We had to slow down time and look at frame by frame...but we found her! Just didn't want her to escape recognition!

We've had questions about whether we can offer service hours for students working at the book sales. Yes and no. Yes in that we are approved to offer service hours for students by most of the organizations that require them to earn some. No in that we're very selective about doing so. The book sale is not a place where we have the time to exercise a lot of supervision over students, so only the truly self-motivated need apply. As we said yesterday, the thing that distinguishes our younger workers is that they work hard and work smart about what needs to be done.

We're looking for someone who knows how to survey a situation, locate a need he or she can fulfill, and jump in to be helpful. The person must be physically able to lift books and boxes of books. We limit our student workers (outside the ones who come with a parent -- and even they have to get approval from us) to no more than 2 any day of the sale. If you want to shop, come to shop. We'd rather have you as a happy customer than a bored student. If you want to work, e-mail us before the sale and we'll see if we have a need and a slot open.

The next sale is the last weekend in September. Mark your calendars now!

Photo by Darlene


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