Thursday, May 7, 2009

Amazon Site is Filling Again

Now that the Used Book Sale has finished, the volunteer who runs our RestonFriends1 site on Amazon is back in full swing! There are 500 entries on our site at present, everything from Genealogical materials to computer books to lists of ships in the U.S. Navy -- and just about everything in between that you can imagine!

You can get there from here, or use the link on the side bar.

Our Amazon site is where we offer to the world the books that 
require a little more specialized marketing than our local sale can offer. Don't worry -- you don't miss out on them! We pull them back in for sales, and price them lower for you, our local patrons. But if they don't sell at the local sale, we go back to making them available to the world!

Check it out! And thank you Judy K for all the hard work!


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