Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Volunteers, Great Friends

During the Friends of Reston Regional Library Book Sale, the key to success is a lot of selfless behavior. Over the years our volunteers have learned that the reward of working so hard is that they can do a little shopping at the end of their shift (and we emphasize the 'little'), they get a great lunch, and they get to hang out with people who work hard but have fun.

It is amazing how well everyone works together. Some have been coming for years, and will do things for the Reston Regional Library that they probably 
wouldn't do for their own families! Some are new and jump right into being helpful. We all get treated like it really matters that we're there! In the first photo, Ron and Keith help one of the movers off-load more boxes to unpack. Barb is moving to the next task. In the right corner, photographer Lee Phan is sorting and setting up media.

In Photo 2, Laurie and her daughter Hannah work with Pam in the shed to make sure all the specials get seen. Although we have a highly organized system for incoming donated books, every so often we find a box that wasn't properly marked. We have to grab someone and make sure the books get priced. Laurie and Hannah agreed to jump into this task and boy were they great helpers!  They worked in miserable 
conditions in the shed and never complained. Just pitched in and got the work done. Pam is our treasurer and "keeper of all numbers" on books. Her favorite thing to do is to turn an average $1.50 book into a special ($5 and above) when one of our eagle-eyed sorters has a hunch about it.

Photo 3 shows Chris carrying yet another flat of books. She works non-stop during the sale. She is also our newsletter editor. What a great smile! Note the line outside waiting to get in. They're probably wondering just what she has in THAT box!

You can see that while the Commander in Chief is Charly, it is a huge effort that embraces everyone's talents and preferences. Some stock, some cashier, some run around "putting out fires", some work in the specials room, etc. We need every person and we welcome hard workers! If this looks like something you'd like to 
help with during the last weekend in September, e-mail us!

And here they come! As the doors open, the eager shoppers enter to begin their personal treasure hunt. 

Photos by Darlene


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