Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Younger Crowd

Although the Friends of Reston Regional Library organization does not recruit children to help at the book sale, there are a few who keep popping up! They are all children of volunteers for the organization. I guess they figure that during book sale week if they want to see their parent (especially mom), they need to come help! We caught photos of all of them this year except Emily, who must have been moving too fast to be caught on camera!

Christina and Alexander B. have been helping for a couple of years now. Christina is a high school student, Alexander is in middle school. Their dad, Greg, is our "mover extraordinaire". Between sales Greg provides the Friends storage space when things get really tight. For the sale itself, it is Greg's moving company that provides the cheerful crews who get the boxes from the shed and other storage and into the sales area. Come rain or shine, his guys just keep smiling and hauling. Greg's children have inherited their dad's work ethic and they help wherever needed. 

Emily and Elizabeth S. have been coming with their mom, Amy, for years as well. Emily
 started as a 'runner' and has branched into being available for whatever needs doing. Elizabeth is a runner for the Specials section. Her size and cuteness factor enable her to get through the crowds quickly! Emily is in middle school and Elizabeth is in elementary school.

Kira B.'s mom sets up our childrens section early in the week. During the sale and take-down, if her mom, Sheila, is at the sale working, Kira is usually with her. She is a hard worker and knows how to repack a box of books quickly and efficiently! Like all the kids, Kira just jumps in wherever she sees a need. Like Elizabeth, she is in elementary school.

John & Lindy W. consider it part of their regularly scheduled activities to be part of the book sale. Lindy, a high school student, usually works throughout 
the sale researching book values, straightening books, and 
helping where needed. John likes to help his dad with take down. Their parents are Kelley & Westy.

Hannah helped with her mom Lori this year for the first time. Talk about a hard worker! Hannah helped during set-up doing some hard physical labor. As the day progressed she agreed when we needed someone to work out in the shed (where there were no fans on that really hot day). She was a tremendous asset and we welcome her back.

The two things all of these children have in common is that they love books and they want to help. The rest of the volunteers have come to expect the children to show up sometime during the sale and look forward to their cheerful help. As stated 
above, we do not recruit children. For a lot of reasons, the Used Book Sale isn't the best place for kids who need a lot of supervision. But this handful of volunteers are all self-starters and we greatly appreciate them!

Photos by Darlene


SLMUNer said...

That looks like fun--I should do that next year! As a high school student, it would offer me service hours, correct? That would be great next year when I start the IBMYP personal project.

Reston Friends! said...

We can accommodate service hours requests, but on a case by case basis. You'll need to contact us via this e-mail in advance of the sale to see if we have a need at restonfriendspr@gmail.com

The fall sale is the last weekend in September.

JoAnne Norton said...

I missed the Book Sale this time. However, I have not finished reading all the books from the other sale. You do such a great job for the Community!!!Thank you.