Friday, May 8, 2009

We Want Your Used Books!

Yesterday the donations bin re-opened its big mouth! Think of it as the Friends of Reston Regional Library helping you with Spring Cleaning. With all this rain continuing through the weekend, you won't be going to soccer or baseball games. Instead, harvest your books and make shelf space at home! Then next week sometime when you're out anyway, drop them in the donation bin in the lobby. You can get a tax receipt from the circulation desk if you'd like one. (It is a good idea to count how many paperbacks and how many hardbacks you have BEFORE you put them into the bin).

Here are our donation guidelines:

We are happy to accept
  • Up to two boxes of books per household per day
  • DVDs, CDs, Books-on-tape/disc
  • Encyclopedias published within the last 10 years or before 1970
  • Only current magazines (last three months)
    The exceptions are:
    Any date for 
    Architectural Digest, andSmithsonian
    Any date for food and recipe periodicals (
    GourmetFood & WineMartha Stewart,Southern Living, etc.)
    National Geographic magazines although we will accept maps pulled from them
  • Computer books published within last five years
  • Textbooks published within last 10 years
  • No videos except: Travel, Educational, Sets.

We no longer accept phonograph records.

All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Your donations make the ultimate recycling system work -- so bring 'em in! 



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