Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update - Childrens Sale

Late Breaking News ---

In response to what seems to be potentially overwhelming response to the idea of a Children’s and Young Adults sale this weekend, we want to be perfectly clear to everyone so that NO ONE is disappointed!

Doing this separate sale is an EXPERIMENT! We make no claim that the children's inventory quantity is bigger than normal, only that it's separated out for everyone's shopping safety. As such, this is a MINI SALE – do not expect a typical semi-annual sale quantity but within this genre only.

And, because the quantities are large, but limited, in order to be fair, we will use the same limitation we have used for years for children’s books.

There will be a limit of 40 books per FAMILY for the first FOUR hours of the sale on Saturday. If you are purchasing for a day care that doesn't mean 40 per family you serve -- it's 40 for your business until 2 p.m. Same with teachers, homeschoolers, literacy programs, etc. We're all in this together and trying to be fair to everyone. Mr. Greedy is not welcome here!

All that said there are approximately 4000 volumes awaiting your perusal and purchase! So come have some fun being selective and polite to one another. See you at 10 on Saturday!


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