Thursday, August 20, 2009

Treasures in the Midst

Just like in our Semi-Annual Used Book Sales, we will also have treasures for sale that have been gleaned from donations. Some are old collectibles, some are newer but very cool, and some are sets. Many will be displayed in our case by the front door -- and if you see something there you want to purchase you do not have to wait until Saturday! You can buy it right away!
Here are a few of the items available!

The Winnie the Pooh books are 16 volumes of life lessons presented
in a fun manner. You can buy all 16 together for $20. They are in beautiful condition.

The Edwardian Doll House pop-up is amazing. We didn't want to push it open too far for the photo, but you can see here it is a feast for the eyes! It's only $5!

Do you remember Fraggle Rock? Share it with your children through these fun stories. There are 14 of them, sold as a set for $30.

And finally, Dave Barry's Peter and the Shadow Thieves is available here in a special two-book set. One is a hardback first edition signed by both authors. The other, a paperback, is an uncorrected advance proof. These are in excellent condition, suitable for gift-giving. The two are only $10!

Come see us for more exquisite deals!


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