Friday, September 4, 2009


Did you get your e-mail from Charly yet? Did you notice that we have MORE days to cover now, but fewer hours each day? Did you notice that we have little bit less time to set up?

We need you. We need our faithful long term volunteers. We need new volunteers. We need younger eyes, backs and leg muscles. And all of
those folks need to be the kind of people who enjoy good fellowship and good food. Because seriously, our Donations Chair Helen somehow cajoles the local restauranturs into providing great food for the volunteers. I think it's because they support the mission of the Reston Friends -- to increase opportunities for literacy in our community.

So if you're new to the area and have wondered where to get involved, here's the place. E-mail us or comment or call the library and leave a message for Charly (703-689-2700). We'll get back to you!

Here are some photos to help you appreciate why we do what we do!

Photos by Darlene


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