Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wordzzle Saturday

Play Wordzzle with us!

Wordzzle is a word game started by Raven in which she gives us 5 or 10 words, and we combine them for a mini, challenge, or maxi into a paragraph, story or some other creative writing.

The words for this week's ten word challenge were: Spam, perpetual motion, sprinkle, telephone pole, stains, alphabetical, surgery, flattery, liberty, preservation For the mini challenge: shadows, singularity, Florida, caterpillars, copy

Charly's this week is particularly good! Reminds us to be grateful.

FLORIDA--the land of sun, heat, afternoon T-storms, CATERPILLARS, and the P-3 Orion aircraft. What fun it was to park along the road and watch the plane come in for a landing. As it approached the field and passed right above you, the SHADOWS it cast were quick but the excitement in seeing the 'big bird' up close and personal was a delight. This was fun for those parked along the roadside. The SINGULARITY of each plane had it's own crew number painted on it and if you were part of that squadron's community, you could always tell which crew was returning. There were many an artist who made a COPY of this graceful bird, but none can compare to the real beauty as it performed its duty over land and sea keeping watch night and day helping to keep us safe. For these crews, we are most thankful.

And Kit's, as always, is thought provoking:

Nestled in the cocoons - on the leaves,
of a Sycamore tree..
SHADOWS of the CATERPILLARS - are seen,
awaiting - to be set free..
For soon, they'll - become butterflies,
with SINGULARITY - of many hues..
upon their wings - as they fly,
to unknown paths - each pursues.
The time is now - and they come forth,
the birth cycle - is complete..
They flap their wings - and take flight,
searching for nectar - sweet to eat..
And, finding flowers - along the way,
they land to rest - for a while..
Their destination - is to reach FLORIDA,
which will require strength - for every mile.
And, reaching this place - of warmth and sunshine,
an artist watches - as they land..
Upon the flowers - in his garden,
he's glad he has his 'paint's - at hand..
But, soon he realizes - this COPY he's made,
is just a meager attempt - at best..
For nothing can truly capture - the beauty,
of these butterflies - his very welcomed guests.

Hill was overwhelmed by the presence of the two women in his life. Laila was a perpetual motion machine, but one that sprinkled her speech with spam (when she was just talking to the air) and flattery (when she wanted something), and unfortunately included a touch of information he needed to pick up on in order to be a good dad. It was exhausting! Louisa helping was a good thing, but as beautiful and competent and kind as she was – well, it threatened the preservation of his sanity. Before Laila, he would have wined and dined Louisa hoping she would be as attracted to him as he was to her. Now he wasn’t sure whether he should allow a romantic relationship. If things ended badly, they didn’t just end badly for him, but for Laila too. As he struggled with this, he tried to keep Louisa at a distance and to think of her as the teacher/caregiver.

Louisa was wonderful in that role. She was tutoring Laila brilliantly, making it a science lesson to eliminate the mildew stains from the bathroom shower, a math and language arts lesson to organize all the kitchen supplies in alphabetical order, and taken lots of time outside with Laila so the child would have the liberty to explore her world. This was all good. So why did Hill keep waking up from that nightmare where he was going ninety miles an hour and about to wrap himself around a telephone pole?

Still, he was whistling as he walked home from the university that afternoon. He came home to find science class wrapping up. The girls had just finished performing surgery on some cocoons. There were strands of gooey silken stuff all over the table. Laila looked up at him, pleased with their efforts. “This is so cool! Every caterpillar makes a copy of the same kind of silk the others use. But the silk itself is a singularity in the animal kingdom! No matter how hard they try, scientists haven’t been able to duplicate it. Did you know that the ancients used the silk for wounds? Spider silk too! And did you know that the state butterfly of Florida is the zebra longwing? And that they have a very complex social structure? And that their reproduction is really interesting. You see…”

Here Hill interrupted her by holding up his hand in the “stop the traffic position”. “Laila,” he said, “take a breath!” He continued, “I know you’re excited about what you’re learning, but you need to give other people a break. We don’t listen as fast you talk. And my brain certainly doesn’t switch topics as fast as you do! Give me time to follow.” She blinked at him, astonished to find that her favorite scientist wasn’t as completely thrilled as she was with her stream of consciousness broadcasting. But then she smiled and happily said, “Okay!” And then what she had said hit him, “why are you talking about Florida? We’re in Spain!” Laila laughed, “because my favorite butterfly in the book you bought last week was the zebra longwing. I had to translate the Spanish beneath that photo word by word. By the time I finished I had learned so much I was BURSTING to share it.” He laughed, pleased with her exuberance.

Louisa looked up. “Welcome home. How was your day?” Hill turned to her, “ah, a normal greeting. Thank you. It was fine. How was yours?” Louisa grinned, “a bit tiring but very good!” She went on, “You have shadows under your eyes. Are you not sleeping well?” Hill was at once embarrassed. “Well, it’s been hot you know. “ Suddenly he was inspired. “Look, this is a holiday weekend in Spain. Let’s go to the beach. We’ll take the tent and camping gear and just go enjoy time away. I’m sure the sound of the surf will lull me into hours of great sleep.”

The ladies jumped up and began cleaning up their science project, clearly excited to head out for a new adventure.



Argent said...

Charly - What an enthusiastic piece! The set words just melted into it.

Kit - A succession of great images unfolding (a bit like a butterfly) to give a story and a lesson. Excellent.

Dr.John said...

Charly- A great little story. Almost as if those words were meant for that story.
Kit- Your poetry always amazes me. A real poem from those words. Wow!
Blogger- Poor Dr. Hill my daughter was like that ( still is) . I can so relate to the characters. It takes you a bit of space but you do a great job.

Raven said...

Three great contributions. A nice tribute from Charley, lovely butterfly story from Kit... and enjoyable continuation of Dr. Hill's story. Fun to learn about Zebra butterflies and silk. Thanks.

Quilly said...

Ah -- I am new here and do not know the dynamics of the site. There are two names but three stories ...

Three EXCELLENT stories btw, whomever wrote them. I enjoyed them all.

Fandango said...

Charly-We dragons love airplanes but pilots don't love us. Really liked your description
Kit- Amazing. You right real poems with those words. We dragons do a poem every week but ours aren't nearly as good.
Blogger-We know a dragon that talks like that, poor Dr. Hill.But she is learning.
Gret story.

Reston Friends! said...

Thanks all! Quilly -- the dynamics are there are twin sisters, Charly and Kit, and the third person is "blogger" who writes for the site the rest of the days of the week. Blogger also happens to be southlakesmom...

Argent said...

Sorry, just remembered that Blogger's contributionwas to come later. I really enjoyed this piece. We go such a great feeling of Laila's exhuberance and Dr Hill's longsufferingness. As for "Stream of consciousness broadcasting" - loved it! Great writing!

DawnTreader said...

Good work all three... This week I was especially impressed with Kit's poem! Really excellent!