Thursday, October 29, 2009

Search for Intelligent Life

On our RestonFriends1 site this morning we have some books and DVD's that say something about the search for intelligent life in our universe and culture.

The Intelligent Universe: AI, ET and the Emerging Mind of the Cosmos taps into the human desire to see what's just beyond the next corner or star. It's $16.50.

Saxon Algebra 1 and 1/2 are both on our website - and they won't last long.

And who doesn't want to watch more episodes of the BBC's MI-5 series? Here's a box of DVDs to enjoy in the cold months ahead. It's priced at $15.00

You can get any of these by clicking on the link above. If you are a local, current member, we can get them to you sans postage. Just e-mail us!

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