Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yes, today the library is open again after a respite for Martin Luther King, Jr. day... but for how long? As your County Executives go to work on the budget, one of their targets is the library system. Apparently they think we're open WAY TOO OFTEN and my goodness, everyone should confine their use patterns to what the County Executives think is appropriate. So -- when do THEY go to the library?

Seriously folks, if you want to lose more library hours, simply do nothing. If you want to let your representative know how unhappy this makes you, call Cathy Hudgins at 703-478-0283. Send her letters. Ask her what hours SHE uses the library and whether she'll have to accommodate. Ask her how important the library is to her constituents and then tell her how important it is to you!

Folks -- last year's library budget was lumped in with Parks & Rec. Combined, these three entities receive less than 2% of the annual budget. The school system receives over 53%. Who is whining the loudest about being cut? Yep, school system.


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