Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy, Busy!

Set-up is moving along well...preparing the best sale in the county for YOU, our faithful patrons and supporters. Here are some photos of the process yesterday.

First is Tom, one of our most faithful of set-up volunteers. He has perfected the system of getting the sign up on the front of the library. Notice the dark glasses and gloves. The man is just too cool.

This is the shed, halfway emptied. Notice the orderly stacking? That is due to our super organizer, Norbert.

These gentlemen are the movers who take the piles and piles of boxes from our shed in back of the library into the various places inside. Their employer is our great friend Greg Burton who is a patron, Friend, and apparently a great employer. The guys who come from his company during set-up each sale are friendly and hard-working.  We've had lousy weather and they've just worked on through. Fortunately, yesterday's weather was PERFECT for this! We haven't always been so lucky.

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