Monday, April 19, 2010

Day After Tomorrow

When I was a little kid, my parents bought off my "when is Christmas?" with various phrases. They ranged from "a long time away" when I asked in the first quarter of the year to "pretty soon" if I asked in December. By the time we got to "day after tomorrow" I was so wound up with excitement and glee that phrase became embued with magic.

Well, I almost feel as excited about Day After Tomorrow today. It's not Christmas, but it is a GREAT opportunity to feel like it's a big party! On Wednesday evening, all of our Friends will gather for a frenzy of book shopping. That night, the people who are able to make a bigger commitment to supporting the Reston Library (it's only $15 annually), will be able to shop 'first dibs' on Friends Night. (Join by clicking the button on the sidebar)

But wait (as they say on TV), that's not all!  Beginning Thursday morning at 10, EVERYONE gets to party!

Our booksale is famous for being friendly, well-stocked and reasonably priced. So come and join us whichever day your schedule permits. And don't think that attending one day is enough.  We restock CONSTANTLY, sometimes by bringing in an entire flat, and sometimes by working in armfuls at a time so we don't disturb the shoppers. You never know what bargain treasure will pop up next to you on a table!

Friends' Night
5-7:30 pm
membership required,
available for purchase at door,
highly recommend you do it now
via the JOIN button on the sidebar!

General Public Hours
April 22-23; 10-5

April 24; 10-4

April 25; 1-3:30

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